Since our inception in 1968 our firm has developed a high level of expertise in the survey industry. Our staff of highly skilled individuals have been with our firm for decades.

Legal Surveys

This category of surveys requires the retracement or establishing of the legal boundaries of real property.

These surveys are often controlled by the Statutes of Ontario and their regulations.

Legal Surveys include:

Surveyors Real Property Reports
Reference Plans to provide legal description
Plans of Subdivision
Plans of Condominium
Expropriation Plans
Cemetery Plans
Easement Plans
Crown Land Plans
Severance Consent Plans

The above mentioned lands must be created under the direct supervision of a licensed Ontario Land Surveyor.

Engineering Surveys

Engineering surveys typically are 3 dimensional and include topographic detail.

A. T. McLaren Limited has a Certificate of Authorization to provide engineering services and the principal is a Licensed Professional Engineer.

Engineering Surveys include:

Topographic Surveys
Volume Surveys
E.S.A. and Flood plain boundary mapping
Height surveys

Housing Layout Services

New housing in Ontario has been a vibrant growing industry over the last 4 decades and A. T. McLaren Limited has been busy providing builders with economical housing services during this period.

Housing Layout Services include:

Site and Grading plans for building permit
Stake house for excavation and provide grades for underside of footing
Pin footings in excavation
Provide Surveyor’s Real Property Report for new house
Set grade stakes for final landscaping and certify grading for municipality

Construction Layout Services

This category of surveys typically involves layout of large buildings or facilities and often takes months to complete.

Our staff has developed considerable expertise in interpreting Architectural and Engineering drawings and uploading our crews with grid line and foundation details.

Sample Projects include:

University Residences and academic buildings
Apartment buildings and new hotels
Tank Farms and associated facilities
Caissons and piles for foundation support
Nursing Homes
Gas Stations
Control for Tunnelling projects